Google Analytics 4 For Marketers 

Learn step-by-step how to navigate Google Analytics (GA4) so that you can track, measure, and improve your marketing campaigns. Discover how to interpret the data to reveal insights and better serve your target audience. 

Workshop Overview

Not sure which analytics you should be looking at to measure how effective your marketing strategies are? Or which metrics are vital to uncover areas you can make improvements. Our easy-to-digest, hands-on walkthrough of Google Analytics (GA4) will have you confidently using it to its full potential. Learn how to navigate the most important reports, identify key trends in your data so you can drive results and change.

What you will learn:

Learn everything you need to know about capturing, analysing and interpreting data in Google Analytics 4.

How this will help your team:

Level up your marketing team’s data literacy and confidence, drive new data-informed marketing discussions, ideation and planning: 

What People Say:

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