Customer-Centricity (CX) For Leaders 

Keeping up with the rapidly changing behaviours, expectations and unmet needs of today’s digital-first customer is one of leadership’s biggest challenges and a driving force in digital transformation.

Workshop Overview

CX and Customer Centricity has historically been the focus of the chief marketing officer (CMO) and their team. The fact is that we’ve been defining the domain of customer centricity too narrowly, for too long. To truly be customer-centric we need to look deeper into how people are experiencing our products and services end-to-end and understand the role customer centricity plays in driving long-term business growth, durability and relevance.

What you will learn:

Examine how leaders can build on your businesses CX’s foundations to offer a more holistic approach to becoming customer centric and driving growth.

How this will help your team:

Many companies aim to be customer-focused but struggle to know what good CX actually looks like and how to truly make customers the centre of their businesses. 

What People Say:

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