Astro Television Network, Malaysia

Accelerating Astro’s Journey To Be Digital First

The global pandemic disrupted markets and catapulted eCommerce growth overnight. To adapt to this tremendous opportunity Astro needed to quickly up-skill their teams in digital marketing skills and strategy.


The Need:

To stay relevant and be at the forefront of these rapidly evolving market conditions ITC needed to become a robust e-commerce player across all their categories. 


Digital skills were crucial to adapt to new consumer behaviours, stay connected and  make strategic choices about their brands marketing channels and investments.

The solution:

In partnership with General Assembly, we designed a 6-day highly-interactive online program to equip teams with the tools, skills and frameworks they needed to create a robust e-commerce marketing strategy and 2021 roadmap. 


From search to social, personalisation to conversion optimisation – we shared actionable strategies from the best brands excelling in their categories. 

The Outcome:

High-impact and results-driven, over the 6 sessions participants were guided through activities to build their own strategic eCommerce campaign plan. Teams presented back their plans in a Demo Day for accountability and actionable learning. 


Most importantly the team walked away with the digital skills uplift they need for their rapidly evolving roles and responsibilities.

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