Grow Your Authority & Win More Clients

What We’ll Cover:

The Building Brand Authority Program consists of 8 modules.


Sessions can be run in-person in a full-day or half-day format or as 2 hour blocks delivered live-online.

Module 1

Foundations | Mindset & Opportunity

Module 2

Who Are We Talking To & Content To Share

Module 3

Responsible use of ChatGPT - efficiency hacks & ideas

Module 4

Get Your Linkedin Profile Rocking

Module 5

Creating Content That Gets Attention

Module 6

Building Relationships Comments & Conversation

Module 7

Content Formats - Posts, Polls & Carousels

Module 8

Consistency & Measuring Success

What People Say:

Meet Your Team

We’re Catherine and Steve Toms – but you can call us The Toms. 

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We believe in helping marketers, teams, businesses and brands to be the best they can be at marketing.


Since 2016 we’ve delivered hands-on, interactive online and in-person training to more than 9,500 marketers and sales teams from over 35 countries.


Our workshops are always jam-packed with value, actionable take-aways and a lotta laughs too – because #edutainment works.


The result? More confidence. More productivity. More effective marketing. More creativity & innovation. And better ROI & business growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We cover a whole bunch of data crunching, research, insights, writing and meeting prep so broader teams (finance, sales, management etc) will easily be able to adapt the prompts provided throughout to find shortcuts, productivity hacks and efficiencies in their roles. 

This is a live, online training session that combines live walkthroughs, practical examples, and opportunities to get hands-on. Interactive and engaging you can ask all your questions and get them answered in real-time. Walk away with our prompts and frameworks that you can apply to your business.

Why are we here:

→ Why all the buzz about ChatGPT

→ How AI is impacting marketing

→ Steering the responsible use of A.I. privacy and data usage 


Mastering ChatGPT 

→ How to access ChatGPT?

→ ChatGPT for business; what you need to know 

→ Data and privacy control settings 

→ Our 5-Step Prompting framework

→ How to fine-tune your results?


Analysis, Marketing and Customer Research

→ Implementing AI into your marketing toolkit

→ Using ChatGPT to conduct intelligent market, industry and competitor research 

→ Workarounds to generate up-to-date insights


Planning, strategy & Objectives

→ Using ChatGPT to map marketing objectives to business outcomes

→ Create high-level outlines for campaign planning

→ Efficiently prepare for meetings with agendas and question prompts 

→ Prompts to challenge your thinking and expose your blind spots


Content Ideation

→ How to use ChatGPT for content and topic ideation

→ Prompts to spark unique and different content ideas 

→ Walkthrough of the content ideation process using ChatGPT

→ Hands-on practice creating content using ChatGPT


Writing Assistant

→  Training ChatGPT to mimic the business Style and Tone of Voice. 


Keywords, SEO and Search

→ How to add ChatGPT into your SEO toolbox.

→ Effective prompts for keyword research & categorisation

→ Leveraging ChatGPT for ideas to verify 

→  Walkthrough of the keyword research process using ChatGPT


Social & Email Marketing

→ Useful ChatGPT prompts for social posts and captions 

→ How to improve ChatGPTs responses 

→ Email subject line optimisation and testing 

→ Sequencing and structuring emails



Cheat Sheets and Prompting Frameworks

The masterclass has been designed to be delivered online; this allows us to keep the pricing low and offer you and your team convenience and flexibility to schedule anytime, anywhere. If you’d like to explore an in-person session on-site with your team we love to travel and can chat about pricing and availability.

This session is perfect for marketing teams at all levels of their AI journey. Whether you’re just starting out with tech and tools or already using AI and looking to take your marketing to the next level.

No problem at all. Just drop us a line with your requirements and we can advise you on the best ways to optimise the learning experience for your teams.

Absolutely! We’re flexible to deliver the classes at a time that suits you and the timezones for your teams. Just let us know where you’re based and we’ll advise you on the best options.

Our full curriculum is here. You’ll leave the masterclass with a robust understanding of things to think about and how to use ChatGPT to improve your marketing strategy.

Yes! After completing the masterclass, you will receive a certificate of completion that you can add to your resume or LinkedIn profile.