Hello, We’re 

The Toms

We believe in helping marketing teams, businesses and brands to be the best they can be. 


Our training helps your teams get confident with digital and marketing so they can be more productive, more effective and more innovative at work.


The result? Better conversations. More empowered employees. More collaborative teams. And better business outcomes.

Who are The Toms

Stephen and Catherine Toms Profile Picture

We’re Catherine and Steve Toms – but you can call us The Toms. 


The Toms (previously Smithfield Digital) combines our unique blend of skills and experience – hands-on industry knowledge with a deep understanding of how to bring learning to life. 


We understand that having marketing knowledge is one thing, but it’s nothing without dynamic delivery.  


Since 2016 we’ve delivered fresh, innovative online and in-person training to more than 9,500 marketers from over 17 countries.

Stephen and Catherine Toms Profile Picture
Catherine Toms Speaking at Conference

Catherine Toms

Catherine Toms Speaking at Conference

Having spent over 20 years as a senior commercial digital & marketing leader – both agency and in-house – Catherine’s worked with some of the world’s biggest brands including Danone, BP, Tesco and Twitter to help them become more data-driven, customer-centric and digital-first. 

Catherine’s industry knowledge and hands-on expertise means she brings a stack of proven and practical ways to instantly improve the way your marketing team works together. 

Stephen Toms

Stephen Toms Speaking at Conference

Steve’s career started in education before moving into the world of digital. 


As General Manager of a Global Marketing Agency, Steve advised some of Australia’s biggest sporting brands and clubs on the marketing opportunities that AI, technology and automation bring. 


With over 15 years of teaching experience, Steve taps into proven tools, strategies and tactics to make learning stick. An unshakable optimist with a positive teaching style Steve knows how to motivate and inspire action. 

Stephen Toms Speaking at Conference

What People Say:

Where It All Began

In April 2014 we took the leap, left behind our longstanding careers in corporate and education, and set off on the trip of a lifetime with our young family.


It was during this adventure that the idea to combine our skills into a digital education business was born. 

11 Countries, 610 days later we put our roots down in Melbourne, Australia –  where we get to do work we love, with some of the best global brands around the world.


Our real skill is bringing everything we’ve learnt about education and marketing together to design and deliver training that’s practical, relatable and a whole lot of fun.

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